My work involves constructing systems of meaning through the presentation of text, often using the information presentation tools of science and business. These systems frequently take the form of arrowed diagrams which connect words or sentences to create networks of explanation.

While appearing complete and authoritative, each work ultimately proves to be inconclusive and idiosyncratic.  This impulse toward rationalizing the personal and social reflects a desire to make meaning of the condition we find ourselves in.  The work juxtaposes a postmodern scepticism towards metanarrative with a yearning for truth and belief.

In its optimism, the work plays off a traditional scientific hope in progress and the future.  But, the application of scientific and corporate visual techniques to the ineffable alludes to science’s acceptance that there is no objective reality.  The authority of this visual language, its implied message of truth, persists despite our recognition of this failure.  The viewer’s negotiation of the diagram’s meaning parallels the complicity of science and the public in accepting contingent truths.