October 2005:

Invited to contribute to The Gentle Art of Making Enemies http://www.2b1studio.co.uk/thegentleartofmakingenemies/UntitledFramesetnew.htm

May 2005:

Infrastructure exhibition opened. Images on http://www.theresestowell.com/infrastructure/exhibition.htm

December 2004:

I have been commissioned to create a piece for the Day-to-Day-Data exhibition, to be held at Angel Row Gallery in Nottingham in July 2005. It will then tour to the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth in winter 2005 / 2006 and will conclude at Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art in London in spring 2006.

November 2004:

I am curating an exhibition called Infrastructure, to be held at Studio Voltaire in London, May 2005. The work in the exhibition is addresses the visible and invisible systems we live within, and is by artists from New York, Seattle, Amsterdam, Bulgaria, Edinburgh, and London.

In conjunction with the exhibition, I will be creating an overall infrastructure diagram that maps and connects the systems present in the work, while placing them in the larger context.  This diagram will make visible the vast network of facilities and processes that enable us to live the way we do. It will be reproduced as a poster and will serve as the invitation for the exhibition, as well as being available for visitors to take away with them.   

September 2004:

Have finished the new works for Diesel -- http://www.theresestowell.com/consummation_series.htm. Have also added photos of the installed work to the page.

August 2004:

Diesel has commissioned me to create ten new artworks for the launch of their new limited edition line of jeans during London Fashion week. The art consultancy Florence Fine Art put me forward. There will be a solo exhibition of my existing work as well.

May 2004:

I have been selected, with four other artists, to represent the U.S. at the Artiade in Athens:

The ARTIADE is the Olympics of the Visual Arts. Artists from nations taking part in the Olympic Games represent their countries as cultural ambassadors, in an art exhibition that takes place in the host city of the Olympic Games in parallel to the Games themselves. Applications are also invited from artists representing countries that do not yet participate in the Olympic Games.

 Each artist documents, through his or her works, the cultural background of his or her country of origin. The works give an insight into life in each country by documenting the 'spirit of the age' - political and social events, emotions and traditions.

The exhibition opens August 12th and runs until September 29th.  They will be exhibiting Command Module.

The Artiade Press Release


I also just learned that Tank Magazine ran a two-page spread of Chickenland in their fall 2003 issue. They said: "In the early 16th century, maps were regarded as a kind of virtual reality, a technology that allowed humans to gain visual power over their universe. Therese Stowell is a cultural cartographer of our times."

April 2004:

I am creating four new pieces, combining painting with the digital, for an exhibition opening May 1st in Deptford, South London:


FleaMarket: May Day Bank Holiday Weekend

With the active participation of over 50 artists, events, bands & DIY catering

Saturday 1st May, Sunday 2nd May 2004, 12-6pm, 20p admission

Exhibition: continues for 1 week

Tuesday 4th Sunday 9th May 2004, open daily 12-6pm

March 2004:

Crusade will be included in THIS IS FOR REAL: War and the contemporary audience at SAC Gallery, SUNY Stony Brook
March 9 - April 2, 2004
Opening reception: 5-6pm Thursday March 11, 2004
Panel + round table: 4pm, with special guest Nick Mirzoeff, Associate Professor, Art History at SUNY Stony Brook

I will be a visiting artist at the Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ. The exhibition, at the Mariboe Gallery, runs from April 2 - April 23rd. The opening is April 2.

Crusade will be included in Disruptive Pattern Material: an Encyclopaedia of Camouflage in Nature, the Military & Culture published by Maharishi in September 2004.